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SBB - Yeh Ishq ka Mazboot Jhod hai + VU

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SBB - Yeh Ishq ka Mazboot Jhod hai + VU

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-29, 14:49

Zoya gives out a piercing , Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh n falls down , right into the waiting arms of her gallant Knight , Asad .. who tumbles down still holding her ...

They roll on a plain, level floor twice, thrice and many times ... Zoya slowly emerges up from the deep deep chest and looks into his eyes and both are lost in each other ..

Scene begins again...Zoya is in her room, thinking about something and decides to take action .. Zoya hurries to the open window of Tanveer , climbs the railing and loses her balance

VO saying that Zoya is intent on catching and so she is spying on Tanveer

we are shown Zoya practicing her fall and KSG helping her by holding her helpfully..

There is a offsc int :

Surbhi pulling KSG's legs and blaming him for coming and interrupting her spying activities ..

On being questioned about how Asad always manages to reach in nick of time..

Surbhi says there is a soul connection and KSG expands on it ..

There is a brief scene where zoya accuses that Tanveer is pretending about her wounds and is not wounded, Tanveer puts on a fne show and manages to grab sympathy ..cuz Tanveer in desperation has really cut off her hands as Zoya has hidden her fake skin wound...So once again Zoya's efforts come to waste...

Surbhi's b'day is being celebrated and She is gorging on the cakes, Surbhi says that she does not diet but ensures that she eat less of chocolates but that today she will relax all her rules and eat to her heart's content..

Surbhi is asked to say something and her mind goes blank, KSG prompts ehr by reminding her about her parents , her friend/sister and also salman ...

KSG," Surbhi has become an adult today and we can openly say, she has turned 20 today ..yeah , she was a kid earlier *Points at her eating style, Zoya is licking all her fingers* look at the way she is eating .""

Surbhi giggles ..

On being asked about KSG's plus n Minus points ...

Ksg is very understanding ..haan, yes... he does realize /understand rather slowly

KSG gets angry very fast and does not let go of his anger fast oo..

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Re: SBB - Yeh Ishq ka Mazboot Jhod hai + VU

Post by clarissasham on 2013-05-29, 14:58

both are lost in each other

mera foooooooot affraid

how many are ready to sign a ban eye lock petition in QH

if ready put your hands up

this eye lock is the culprit due to that asad still mumbles like a school boy Bang

thanks sathu

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Re: SBB - Yeh Ishq ka Mazboot Jhod hai + VU

Post by pollyanna on 2013-05-29, 15:24


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Re: SBB - Yeh Ishq ka Mazboot Jhod hai + VU

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-05-29, 22:18

The eye lock captures me. However it is where all his voice goes...... his "eyes" Maybe he should text her and send her another video.


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Re: SBB - Yeh Ishq ka Mazboot Jhod hai + VU

Post by Sponsored content Today at 03:14

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