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Balika Vadhu 29th May 2013 Written Episode

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Balika Vadhu 29th May 2013 Written Episode

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-29, 20:33

Balika Vadhu 29th May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Udaipur management university

The director calls on Jagdish giving everyone an introduction about his background and about his medical achievements. Jagdish comes on the podium and says that he isnt a very good orator, but would try it for them today. He tells how medical management is very different in villages , as they are very conservative and shy, and wont open up,
until they develop a personal relation with them, instead of and thats the reason they have been able to install a modern health care in the hospital of jaitsar. He goes on to present a Powerpoint Presentation

Collegers sitting there, are reminded how jagdish had been in a scuffle with them he says that he would be very happy if people work in the villages, be it any field or company. and that they should forget the differneces between any kind of discrimination.All clap at his wonderful discourse, while Sanchi gazes at him.

Later, Sanchi tells him how he has become a sensation in the college,and she has heard a thunderous applause after such a long timne, for someone who proclaimed himself to be very nervous.

Jagdish says that he isnt a celebrity. The girls say that they are considering him one, as because of them, they have been enlightened about their responsibilities

Those same college boys intentionally run by him, and then apologize half heartedly. Sanchi gets angry but jagsidh asks her not to bother.Sanchi says that if there are emergencies, then they wont stop him, but if thats not the case, then he should saty back, as this wouldnt be repeated that so many girls are requesting him to stay back

Sanchi says that she would come to pick him up for her house, and then from there, they would go to the social together.

Sanchi says that she understands why he doesn't want to come home, as the last time he had come, Anandi was on her honeymoon. But this time around, she would be home, and seeing his ex wife with her new husband, would obviously upset him.

Scene 2:

Location: Udaipur

On the bike, anandi asks shiv why did he take a break today, and go out. Shiv, in a poetic way, says that he wanted alone time, which isnt possible in the house, hence the outing. Thney stop at the chatwala, who recognizes him, and addresses him as collector sahab, but shiv says that he should address him by him name, just like he used to d when shiv was in college.

As the chat wala goes on to give snacks to anandi, as this is the first time, he met shiv’s wife, shiv goes on to tell the story and the very old connection of theirs with the cchatwala. shiv goes on to tell his story, and finds that Anandi is silently gazing at
him. He asks what is she thinking.

Anandi says that she knows why he came here today, as he tried to cheer her up, after she’s been down lately. Shiv says that it maybe but the more important question is that whether he succeeded. Ananadi is happily eating away from shiv’s hand,
while they gaze at each other.

Scene 3:

Location: Udaipur haveli

All the family, all and especially dadaji are enjoying the snacks that they got from the Chatwala. While they are all chatting away and enjoying, sanchi comes and is asked about jagdish’s lecture. Sanchi tells what a thunderous applause jagiya received. Sanchi goes on to gloat about jagiya, also saying that she never knew that jagiya was such a nice man, and is very different from what she had heard about him, and she feels that no one had ever realized or praised or given any consideration to his goodness.

Shiv and anandi grow serious. While all are happy for sanchi, shiv and anandi are sombre. As mahi jokes about her becoming the star, due to jagiya, she says that every ounce of respect that jagiya got, was on his capability. Seeing her so excited about her interaction with jagiya, shiv is particularly tensed. sanchi says that the respect he got, he deserves, and being so cool and humble,that he doesnt gloat about having the best hospital care in jaitsar.

She turns to anandi and says that she needs to thank her. when Anandi asks why, she says that because of her, she met jagdish. Shiv and anandi are very tensed hearing this, at her changed tone of voice. As she leaves to very excitedly get ready for the social, while all are happy, shiv and anandi are concerned. The screen freezes on anandi’s face.

Underlying Message: The young heart, gets so enthusiastic about something sometimes, that it forgets to live in practicality and always thinks that the decisions taken by them are the right ones.

Precap: sanchi asks Anandi how is she looking and anandio says that she indeed is looking very beautiful. When dadaji asks her to enjoy, as well as take care of jagdish, Sanchi says that she would take very good care of Jagdish, startling anandi. Jagdish sees sanchi in her beautiful outfit and is mesmerized.


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