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Dirty Dozen with Gautam Rode :)

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Dirty Dozen with Gautam Rode :)

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-25, 10:51

Model-turned-actor Gautam Rode tells us 12 things we didn't know about him.

1. I was naughty as a kid and I used to get into a lot of fights. My mom used to run to school every second day as I would be suspended. I would have ripped T-shirts, broken glasses and something or the other out of place in those days.

2. I was the best sprinter in the whole zone in Delhi, 100 meter champion of the school as well as the zone.

3. I start my first shot of the day and end the last one by touching the camera.

4. I reply to all calls, messages and tweets.

5. I can’t sing to save my life though I have done so many music videos. I sing from my heart but I guess my co-actors get tortured since I am not a good singer.

6. I am a vegetarian and hence my daily dose of protein shakes is a must.

7. I get angry and also cool off very quickly. I want a fix right away which sometimes is a good thing and sometimesbad.

8. I have a peculiar habit of bending many times throughout the day. It is to touch anything that touches my feet, a book or even a wire!

9. Caffeine is a huge addiction and I can’t live without my three double shot cappuccinos in a day. That’s equivalent to six cups of coffee.

10. I am a shopaholic and whenever I get a day off from work I love to shop for clothes.

11. The last thing I do before going to bed is eat almonds and sunflower seeds.

12. I switch off all the lightsbefore going to sleep. I put my phone on silent as well.

Credit: DNA

Also have a peek at his interview:

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