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Surbhi Jyoti 'enchanted' by KSG's persona.

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Surbhi Jyoti 'enchanted' by KSG's persona.

Post by pollyanna on 2013-05-31, 15:04

Surbhi Jyoti 'enchanted' by KSG's persona

There is something in Karan Singh Grover (KSG) that attracts women like flies. This handsome hunk, currently a part of Zee TV’s Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films), seems to enchant his female co-stars in whatever show he does.

Yes, the actor has Greek God looks and a personality to die for. And he has had many romantic liaisons in his life and is currently married to beautiful belle Jennifer Winget (Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra).

Okay…without digging too much into his past, let’s focus on the present.

Our khabru has informed us that KSG’s charm is now attracting his young co star from his show, Surbhi Jyoti.

This cute girl is all over him but there is a glitch. Usually a ladies’ man, KSG is not paying any attention to Surbhi. May be wifey Jennifer has warned him against pulling any more such stunts (wink wink).

However, when we spoke to Surbhi, she first laughed heartily and then said, “People like to gibber and may be the intimate scenes in the show have led to such ideas.”

So what is your off screen chemistry with the hunk? “KSG is a far senior actor, so we are not even friends for we don’t hang out tougher. He gels with far more senior actors in the industry.”

Here Surbhi adds, “I guess marriage to Jennifer has changed KSG for the better as when I ask him about all his earlier reported escapades, he says they had happened when he was young.”

She continues, “Many actors who had worked with him before also say that he is a different KSG now. He is not a ladies’ man anymore. He is well-behaved not only to me, but to other women on set as well. He is a great help to all us newcomers. He gives you tips in terms of lights and dialogue delivery etc. He is very lucky to have found a beautiful and sweet wife in Jennifer; she likes me and calls me a kid.”

All efforts to reach Karan proved futile.

Surbhi…infatuation is the word!!!


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Re: Surbhi Jyoti 'enchanted' by KSG's persona.

Post by Maria J on 2013-05-31, 15:07

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