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ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by rrekha on 2013-03-08, 09:41

Hi Im waiting for the show


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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by asdfjkl;2 on 2013-04-16, 10:10



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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by tweety on 2013-05-09, 18:05

me me!!

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Chapter 1: Chalk and Cheese

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-19, 17:00

Chapter 1: Chalk and Cheese

“Kushi” Payal screamed her elder sister’s name as she ran around the Gupta household
She checked room after room not finding her sister and finally reached the kitchen where she found her sister getting the flour ready…
“yeah Payal” She said calmly
“Kushi.. Did you know who visited our house today? Arnav’s Nani…”
“Yeah I know… She and Arnav’s Mama, Mami had come to talk about a wedding proposal for Arnav”
“not just a wedding proposal- my behana… They wanted your hand in marriage for Arnav… The man girls at college went gaga over- O M GEEEE.. I can’t believe it… Arnav as my jijaji…”
“I can’t believe it either” Kushi told her sister
“I know… Over the moon aren’t you?”
“For what?” Kushi asked as she filled her floor into the cloth and knotted it on top “I meant I can’t believe what is there in that guy to go gaga over”
“What?” Payal looked at her sister bamboozled “Aren’t you happy with the proposal?”
“Not at all”
“Oh yeah…I never realised .. you are making jelebis…”
“But Kushi… I don’t understand… You both were good friends… and then something happened and you both stopped talking to eachother… are you still holding that grudge 3 years after you both finished college?”
“I will hold that grudge till I go to my grave”
“What happened to make you hate him so much… he is not a bad guy… Arnav is so good at heart”
“Then volunteer to marry him yourself…I will be relieved of a pain in the neck”
“How can you call him pain in the neck”
“I didn’t mean him, he is more of a pain in the ass category- I meant you talking to me about him”
Payal looked at her sister with wide eyes and open mouth...
“Alright, I am not talking to you about him anytime hereafter… Have you told Father and Mother about your decision to reject this proposal?”
“I am going to tell them now” Kushi said as she switched off the stove and moved out with a plate of jelebis…
Payal followed her with wide eyes…
“I thought I will make enough Jelebis to support me once they start giving me a gyan about how virtuous the guy is… As if I don’t know- I know what he is... Arrogant and Adamant kadoos Laad governor!” Kushi told as she made her way to the hall where her parents were chatting with her Buaji.
“No Di… How many times to tell you… Don’t force me” Arnav told his sister for the fifth time that evening…
“Won’t you even ask who the girl is?”
“Who is it this time- Please Di, spare me of this ridiculous girl photo watch… I have told you- I don’t want to get married…I am not interested”
“For how long will you stay like this? For eternity, if you spare me of this torture”
“Leave him alone Anjali bitiya… He don’t know what he is missing…”
“I don’t even want to think what I am missing Nani”
“Even if the girl is very pious, virtuous, beautiful, intelligent”
“Even if she is the best girl in the whole world- I don’t want to marry her”
“Fine then, Lets call Shashi ji and tell them that Arnav is not interested” Nani finally told as she moved out of the door. Anjali went out of the room too
“What? Wait?” Arnav called as realization struck him “Are u talking about Kushi’s dad?”
“Yes” Anjali told him with her eyes sparking at her brother. Even Nani paused and smirked at her grandson
“Now would you agree for the marriage now?”
“With Kushi?” Arnav asked incredulously as Nani and Anjali nodded at him. He was almost smiling sarcastically now
“It’s a super strong double NO” he told them as their face fell off for the second time in those 10 minutes
“How could anyone man say no to Kushi” Anjali exclaimed
“Any dimwit wouldn’t say no, But I am not gonna fall for those charms- I know exactly whats behind that charming face- A big egoistic attitude- No thanks”
Nani and Anjali cameout feeling rejected.
"How would he say no to this Nani..." Anjali asked her grandmother... "After we saw him staring at her dreamily at most of the funstions and parties... I thought he would say yes"
"I thought so too... He had eyes for no one but her...But now he says no to her also...Who knows what is in his mind..."
"May be we should give it a rest for sometime Nani... and speak to Kushi and see what she has to say about this... May be she can make him say yes"


“Akaash… Kushi said No” Payal whimpered to her boyfriend
“Bhai said No too Payal…” Akaash updated to her sadly
“What is the problem between these two? They were really good friends at one point then what happened?”
“God knows…” Akaash told her as he looked up to see Arnav’s friend NK coming in to climb up the stairs to his brother’s room… “wait! There is someone else who would know too” Akaash winked at Payal before he went to stop NK
“Hi NK”
“Hi dude.. You bro is there?”
“He should be there… but there is something that needs your presence downstairs”
“My presence?”
“Yeah come” Akaash told NK, literally lifting him and dragging him to where Payal was sitting munching popcorns and giggling at how NK was being dragged.
“Hey Payal.. you are here”
“Kushi is here too?”
“No Sister didn’t come… I came here to see Akaash”
“Oh… so whats up?”
“Our families are thinking of dissolving the friendship code soon….”
“OH my god what happened? “
“Nothing, they are planning to venture into relatives code”
NK blinked for some time before he understood it
“Hey congrats… you both are getting officially engaged then?”
“NO” Payal hushed as Akaash looked around and heaved a relieved sigh noticing no one around
“Our relationship is pretty much a secret with our families still” Akaash explained “they are planning to get Kushi and Arnav married”
NK blinked at them again before he threw his head back and laughed like a maniac
“Kushi?” NK asked as they both nodded “with Arnav?” they nodded for that too. Stop joking guys, it will not happen in a million years
“Why” they both asked holding his hand on each side and effectively sinking and sandwiching him between them on the sofa
“Because they both are like cheese and chalk- so different”
“Different poles attract”
“But this is different… they wont and cant mix.. even if they can… they have not been talking to eachother for ages now”
“What happened between them? Akaash’s serious tone took NK by surprise
NK looked at Akaash. Now he realized why he was needed downstairs… He is not going to tell them what went wrong between his friends… that was a long story- something which he himself didn’t know fully… and if he disclosed what he knew.. he would become a mince meat next minute...
“look I know why you both want to get Arnav and Kushi together” NK started to tell them- so that your marriage will be smooth…”
“Yes” they both told in unison
“Also I can’t think of a better wife for my brother” Akaash told him
“and what more to have my sister as my Jethani” Payal told dreamily.
“and Nani wont agree for my marriage when Arnav isn’t married yet” Akaash added to it
“and Arnav would be the best for my sister – to lead a blissful life” Payal finished it off
“You both seem to have taken it a mission to get your sister and brother married to eachother” NK observed
“Yes” they both chorused in unison
“But it is the most impossible mission ever known to mankind” NK told the, as he got up from the sofa as they both gaped
“NK…” Akaash called him
“Please help us unite them” Payal told him
“We know you can do it….”
“For heaven’s sake”
“For your Friendship’s sake”
"For the sake of Arnav and Kushi"
"For our love"
“please say yes”
“OK” NK said atlast to Akaash and Payal’s relief “But if they come to know about this, Arnav will kill me… if Kushi hasn’t done it already”
To be continued…

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by Maria J on 2013-05-20, 09:23

Enjoyed reading u Vi..
Nice story.. would love to

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Chapter 2: Mission: Arnav and Kushi

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-22, 13:59

From the Author's desk: Hello people, Here is the second update of this story... Thanks so much for keeping the fire in me live with all of your feedbacks and comments.. Love each and every one of them

Happy reading and Many thanks
Chapter 2: Mission: Arnav and Kushi

"So what do you want me to do?" NK asked as he sat by the sofa again and the two were by his feet stood up.

"Tell us what happened between them to make them hate each other so much" Akaash started to ask

"I can't and won't tell you that' That's something that will betray the friendship code that I share with them"

"How will we both get them together if we don't even know what went wrong between them?" Payal asked NK

"You are not going to move an inch towards getting them together if you start there'I tell you- It is not a good place to start" NK told them

"OK.. Tell us what else is a good place to start" Akaash asked him

"May be at this point- Tell me if you only want Arnav and Kushi married or if you are specific about getting them married to eachother only'"NK asked them

Both of them blinked at him for a moment

"We don't get you" Payal confessed

"If Kushi or Arnav gets married to different people, then too, your line is clear- and again, your parents are not going to say no to your rishta- they are going to be more than happy to get you both together when your elder siblings didn't want to marry, atleast you two are bringing the families together" NK pointed out

"No then Kushi would go and live at someother place' I wont be able to see her everyday" Payal told him

"Your idea is not bad NK but then when my family suggested Kushi for Arnav it got fixed in our minds so much, that now I cant think of anyone else as my Bhabhi other than Kushi' "

"Alright Alright' Now that we have one point clear' the next point is how are we going to achieve this" NK started to say "First we need to find out if they both share some spark"

"They do share- you are their best friend- don't you know?" Payal asked him

"I didn't mean chemistry- I know how much chemistry they oozed out during dance programs at college when they danced together.. that most of them at college would literally swoon over the couple together' there was a time when we wouldn't even separate them during conversations- When someone mentioned Arnav- it always meant Kushi as well- and vice versa" NK told them little lost in those days "You cant even see one of them without the other'Always hanging out together'.There were so many rumors that they were seeing each other and they would always smile and take all those gossips on their stride' Sometimes Kushi even complained to Arnav that no boy was asking her out because they were so sure that Kushi has been engaged to Arnav and he would burst out laughing'"

"So close they were' Why did they fight then?" Payal fished NK

"hmm.. that's a big story'" NK started to say but caught himself "Very smart Payal, I told you I wont tell you that"

"Ok.. alright' tell us what you meant by spark"

"Like even if they are not in talking terms now' Do they still have a soft corner for eachother? Does their eyes spark when the other enters into the room? Is there a secret attraction still left in them? Do they still feel the closeness that they shared once' even though they fought 3 years back and stopped talking to eachother?"

"OK" they both nodded

"How do we find that out?" Akaash asked him "They both refuse to be in the same room as other' You know how Kushi refused to work in that new project that Dad and Shashi uncle proposed just because she knew Arnav would be in it?"

"But they attended the Diwali festival together'" Payal reminded them

"But that was because Kushi cannot say know as it was in Gupta house and we all had come there and Di emotionally blackmailed Arnav to join"

"same as Holi festival we had at RM- We had to literally drag Kushi here- but then Arnav didn't show much interest in Holi so we didn't see much for them to interact"

"OK' so we should try and get that out someother way" NK told as he sat there thinking what to do'

"May be we should try and make them jealous" Payal suggested

Both the men looked at her for a while'

"That's a good idea Payal- exactly a perfect idea as far as Arnav is concerned' Link Kushi with some man in front of Arnav and see if he betrays any emotion. Do the same thing to Kushi and see if she is disturbed" NK said rubbing his hands together in glee

"Alright lets start' Whom do we link with Kushi now?" Akaash asked

"NK ofcourse" Payal said much to the shock of NK

"What?" NK asked her in a stunned tone

"Yeah, she is right' You are close to both of them and Arnav would believe if we link you and her"

"Are you kidding? How would he believe.. he knows we both share a good friendship and nothing more than that"

"Friendship has a good potential to turn into Romance and again this is my sisters life reputation that we are keeping at stake' I would not like to link her with someone and hurt her' Later when she comes to know what we did' she might be comfortable if it was you NK' You are a gentleman and a friend" Payal told him

"Thanks.. but" NK started to say

"No buts and ifs NK- you are Kushi- its fixed' Now lets move on to Arnav's story' who are we going to link up with him?"

"May be Sheetal?" Akaash suggested

"Sheetal?" NK asked incredulously "You must be kidding- Kushi would have a good laugh if we say her that Arnav and Sheetal are together now"

"But you always tease Arnav with Sheetal isn't it?"

"Because Arnav thinks she is a :O and Sheetal is actually a :O- but she is completely gaga over him and she literally falls over him to make him notice her'"

"That should be fine right? Let us make Kushi think Arnav finally noticed her" Akaash told her

"No, kushi wouldn't believe it' She knows too well' she knows what Arnav thinks of her' Arnav doesn't hate Sheetal- He loathes her- she disgusts him"

"Alright.. not Sheetal then' What about Lavanya'."Payal asked him

"No Not Lavanya' leave her out of this"

"Why? She is the only common friend for both of them other than you.. why not her?" Payal asked him surprised "Kushi would definitely believe if it is going to be Lavanya, She has a nice opinion of her and I know she gets along quite well with Arnav too"

"But why are going in jitters when Lavanya was mentioned NK? Is something going on between both of you?" Akaash asked him

"No No nothing absolutely nothing" NK stammered

"Why do we feel that your NO is more of a YES?" Akaash asked him again

All it took was a very little prodding and finally NK admitted that he and Lavanya were seeing eachother

"OK'She just told me yes a week back' we haven't disclosed this to anyone yet' Not even to Arnav and Kushi"

"Good that you haven't disclosed it to anyone yet' But I am so happy for you NK" Payal told him giving him a hug.

"But look.. lets keep her out of this.. I don't know if she will be comfortable with all this'."

"She will be ' if you ask her to do it'" Akaash pointed out

"Raizadas are persistent ' aren't you?" NK asked as Akaash smiled at him

"Fine then' what should I do now?" NK asked them

"NK?" Arnav's voice took them all by surprise.

NK turned back to see his friend standing a little behind him'

"Hi Arnav"

"What are you doing here alone?" Arnav asked him "Why didn't you come up?"

"Alone?" Nk asked him confused and turned to face front just to notice that Akaash and Payal were hiding under his feet beside the sofa, gesturing him not to disclose anything. He realised that Arnav hadn't seen them there

"Buggers" NK muttered

Arnav had started to come closer to NK and he knew that if he came any closer then he would find them crouching there.

"Please" Payal whispered

"to.. to please you" NK stammered out loud, picking Payal's please out of tension

"TO please me?" Arnav asked him not understanding a word

"No. .No to ask please to you?"

"Are you alright NK? What happened to you?"

"I' Arnav" NK said as he crossed the sofa and went to him "I heard that .. that you have been asked to marry Kushi"

"Yeah.. so what?" Arnav asked him raising his eyebrows in a suspicious way "Did Di ask you to convince me? You should know better" Arnav told as he started moving to the dining table on the other side'

"NO.. NO ' "NK said as he went behind his friend "Di didn't ask me to do anything' Kushi asked"

"What?" Arnav stopped on his tracks "do you mean?"

"Please Arnav' She wants to say NO but you know how conventional her parents are' they wont agree' But if you say No' then there is no point to proceed further right' "

Arnav raised his eyebrows again

"you think I am interested in marrying her? You must be kidding' anyone but her NK"

NK went and hugged Arnav the next minute

"Thanks so much ' you are my best friend Man' I cant thank you enough'" NK blabbered as Arnav grew more suspicious

"Why are you so happy for this?" He asked as he disentangled himself from his friends hug

"Nothing.. I simply' lost control" NK tried to act elusive, raising Arnav's curiousity even more higher'"Ok I need to leave now..See you later Arnav" NK started to leave but he was promptly stopped by Arnav'

"Are you and Kushi seeing eachother?" Arnav asked in a deliberately slow voice

NK stood there staring at his friend for some time' He was beginning to see symptoms' symptoms that Arnav still likes and cares about Kushi. He saw his friend standing there gulping down and looking at him in the most earnest way, wishing that he would respond in negative. But he is not going to ' if he has to bring his friend out of the cocoon that he has built for himself' he has to say what his friend didn't want to hear

"Yes" he said very softly

"When did this happen?" Arnav asked in a hoarse whisper

"Two months back" NK lied through his teeth "I proposed and she said yes"

To say Arnav looked devastated would be less. NK hated to do this to Arnav'One look at his friend who seemed to have aged in those few minutes, NK wanted to go and hug him and say "No Man, I was just joking" But he controlled himself. So far, he had been doing it for Akaash and Payal's sake. Now he would continue this mission to closure for his friend's sake.

"She didn't want anyone to know until sometime. Hope you understand." NK told him "You are the first to know it"

Arnav gulped again. He nodded meekly

"I have to leave. See you later" Arnav told his friend in a cracked voice and moved out without even having his breakfast.

Seconds after Arnav left, Akaash and Payal came out of their hiding place.

"At first when you were stammering things, I didn't believe we are gonna get through this alive. But then you proved you are a genius. How did you manage it?" Akaash asked as he slapped his Brother's friend on his shoulder.

"I have been hanging out with your brother for a long time now Akaash.. Some of his genius has to rub off on me you see" NK told him

"So does he show symptoms of the spark?" Payal asked him

"The Spark has never died Payal" NK told her

"So the first step is a success?"


"When do we start the second step' Attack on Kushi?"

"Right now" NK told "I am giving a call to Lavanya and asking her to join us for a coffee at the cafe near your house"

"Alright" Payal jumped in excitement "Mission Arnav and Kushi started successfully"

To be continued'

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Chapter 3: The green Monster

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-27, 12:36

From the author's desk: Thanks so much for all the feedback...

Here is the next chapter... Hope you all like it

Happy reading!


Chapter 3: The green monster

La stared at all the three in front of her. She opened her mouth to say something and closed it again

"So?" Nk prompted her "is it a yes or no?"

"NK.. But how will I ' I mean'I don't know'What if it back fires"

"Trust us it will work' It worked with Arnav" Payal told Lavanya

"You need to just go to her and tell her that you and Arnav are together now' that's it"

Lavanya looked at NK who nodded at her as he reached for her hands and gave it a little squeeze

"Ok' I hope I don't ruin it'"

"You won't I will help you out' just take cue from me ok?" Payal told her

"ok" Lavanya smiled a little "But aren't they going to probe if its going to affect them' I mean, I don't think Arnav would just take your word for it' he would look out for symptoms and Kushi too would do it'"

"I know that, I have a plan" NK smiled at her and then explained the entire plan

"NK, I am not sure that we can pull this out" Lavanya told him

"we would, if only you would follow what I say to the dot'" NK said as he stood up "We are heading to the Raizada mansion, you both should be able to reach Guptas before us' All the best"

The group separated. The girls got into Lavanya's bike and started in the opposite direction and the men got into Akash's car and headed to the Raizada Mansion


As Lavanya entered the Gupta house she found Kushi at the kitchen, trying to make some sweet dish

"Hi Kushi"

"Hey La" Kushi exclaimed

"Experimenting something?"

"Just some kheer'" Kushi smiled at her "Tell me whats up?"

"just.. hmm' I need to tell you something" Lavanya said as she sat on the counter top.

"Something?"Kushi looked at her friend and then raised her eyebrows "Hey- Who is that lucky guy?"

"how did you find out?"

"You are blushing like hell" Kushi told her leaving the kheer on the counter and coming near her friend

Lavanya bit her lip

"I am going to kill you if you don't tell me' tell me right now' Does NK know it?"

"No" Lavanya whispered'

"Tell me quick.. who is it? Someone I know?"

Just then Payal entered the kitchen calling kushi and noticed Lavanya there

"Hey Lavanya'" she exclaimed as if she was surprised to see Lavanya there

"hi Payal" Lavanya replied back smiling at her but before she could finish her greetings, Payal came and hugged her

"Congrats girl' Akash told me" She told making Lavanya still more flushed

"Akash?" Kushi asked half confused and half surprised

" didn't know?" Payal asked her sister and turned to Lavanya "you didn't tell her yet?" she winked at Lavanya

"No I was just telling her"

"Hey wait a min' Isnt Akaash seeing you?" Kushi asked her sister and then looked at Lavanya

Payal took a spoon full of kheer out of that bowl and tasted it

"Akaash is still seeing me' I didn't tell Akaash proposed her' I only said Akash told me who proposed her" Payal explained with a mouthful of kheer

"Payal, I made that for the dinner, don't finish it off now" Kushi said as she took it into her hand to put it into the fridge for cooling it.

"hmm' I thought you were making it for celebrating your friends union'" Payal told her

Kushi stopped on her tracks and turned to look at her friend and then at her sister

"is it NK?" she started to ask but Payal continued as if Kushi hasn't asked anything

"I can't believe it La, You are going to be my jethani'Wow' "

As the girls hugged again, they heard a huge splash as the glass bowl dropped to the floor spilling all the contents and shredding the glass pieces all over the kitchen floor.

Lavanya and Payal disentangled in surprise and looked at Kushi who looked stupefied by what she heard just now.


"My..My hand slipped" Kushi stuttered as she bent down, not even realizing that the shred glass pieces will cut her fingers, she started cleaning up the mess, in the process, receiving several cuts on her hands- even as La and Payal who have been watching her in shocked silence, rushed to her rescue

"What are you doing?" La shouted at her friend as she held her hand

"Are you mad?" Payal screamed "Don't you know these are glass pieces?" She effectively stopped her sister who looked as if she blanked out.

Kushi merely blinked at her sister and friend. The girls made her sit on the nearby couch and brought in the first aid box.

"I am fine.. " kushi told them' "I just didn't realize, the glass pieces were with the kheer"

After the initial cleaning, La volunteered to dress Kushi's wounds and Payal got up to clean the mess on the kitchen floor.

Both the girls felt so bad about making Kushi feel very sad about the news. La kept glancing at Payal who looked disturbed too.


"Arnav, do you mind if I make a call from your mobile? There is some technical problem with mine" NK asked his friend

"Oh Sure.. You don't have to ask" Arnav said as he handed over his mobile to his friend

"Thanks man, its only that I had told Kushi that I will call her and she would be worried if I don't" NK explained wantedly, immediately making Arnav uncomfortable again as if he regretted giving his mobile to NK for that reason.

NK dialed a number and then waited for sometime then cut the call

"Missed call" he told his friend, She will buzz me back if its ok to call"

As NK pretended to wait impatiently, Arnav grew miserable and depressed too


Lavanya got a missed call in her mobile. She and Payal looked at eachother. Signal from NK to start the next course of action. Should they proceed with kushi at such a vulnerable condition?

Kushi noticed the missed call ' Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it was from Arnav's mobile.

"Hey Didn't you check who is that?" Kushi asked her friend cheerfully

"No that's alright, I will check later" La lied

"You'll check later or you already know who it is?" Kushi asked in a teasing tone.

Lavanya stared at her friend unbelievingly. How far can one act as if she didn't care?

"Kushi, Shall I ask you something? Would you answer me frankly?"

"yeah? La' When did we expect such formalities between us?"

"Are you .. I mean' Arnav and me' you don't.." La struggled to put across her point

"I am very happy for both of you'" Kushi smiled at her friend as she cut in whatever La was trying to say.

Payal who had been standing behind Kushi shook her head at La.

La sighed determinedly

"I know you would be'" La told her "Thanks so much Kushi'"

"So tell me when did this happen?" Kushi continued to look cheerful for her friend with great effort, which was not actually working out with the other two girls who could see through her grief very plainly

"Sometime last week"

"Last week? And you kept this from me all this while?"

Lavanya smiled at her

"We need to hear all the details' Akash didn't tell me everything" Payal told La, as she blushed and Kushi grimaced awkwardly

Then Lavanya's mobile started ringing'Another call from Arnav's mobile in the last five minutes.

Lavanya smiled at them apologetically.

"Excuse me girls'" La said as she picked up her mobile in her hand and frowned at it "Hey Kushi can I use your samsung charger? My charge is very low'" La exclaimed to which kushi nodded and pointed to the spot where she can find the charger.


"Why isn't she not picking up?" NK exclaimed

"How would she know that you are giving her signals?" Akash pointed out wantedly "I mean, its not your mobile"

"Are you kidding? She knows that its me' I mean Arnav wouldn't give her missed calls- Only I and she have a code" NK explained pointedly, pissing off Arnav, who looked like he was almost off the edge.

Then suddenly Arnav stood up

"Where are you going?" Akash freaked out

"Why to my room" Arnav said carelessly and turned to go

"Alright dude, I will give your mobile later, Kushi might call me in this" NK said as he gave another missed call

Arnav kept glaring at his friend as he saw NK impatiently staring into the screen


Before Lavanya could even put the mobile into the charger and set it up, There was a third missed call.

"Someone is getting desperate to hear your voice" Payal smirked at La and winked at her as Kushi looked disturbed.

"Kushi if you don't mind, can I use your mobile?" La asked her friend, who only could nod at her.

La called Arnav's number which was promptly picked up on the other end by NK who made sure that Arnav noticed that it was from Kushi before he picked it up.

As soon as Arnav saw it was from Kushi, Arnav made some excuse to stay back, not even understanding why he did so'

The two spoke for a long time'

While La blushed here, Kushi grew very disturbed as she thought that it was Arnav who was making her friend blush and on the other end, Arnav there grew very restless and outrageous as he watched NK speak sweet nothings into the phone.

As the foursome knew it was time for them to plunge into the next step of their plan, Akash sneeked out to call Lavanya.

Lavanya got a call in her own mobile which was put to be charged.

"Oh my god, Arnav hang on.. I am getting another call on my mobile" La told NK and peeped into the screen of her mobile. She saw Akash calling her

"Arnav, hold on a minute, its my dad, Speak to Kushi for a while' I will be back"


Meanwhile there at RM, NK jumped up

"Something has gone into my shirt'" he danced around and then promptly dumped the mobile into Arnav's hands

"Hold on to this, I will be back in a minute" he said as he dashed into the adjoining room.

Akaash gave a thumbs up to NK as he saw his brother staring at the mobile and slowing taking it to his ear.


"Kushi I will be back, its my dad" La told her urgently as she pushed Kushi's mobile into her hand and rushed away to the adjoining room.

Payal smiled as she saw kushi biting her lip as she brought the phone to ear.

Both of them could hear their own heart beat increasing' hoping to hear the other person's voice.


Both of them said at the same time but then both couldn't continue, it seemed as though the time had frozen, Anguish seemed to hit Arnav as he realized that NK had indeed been speaking to Kushi and Kushi was distressed that Arnav had indeed proposed Lavanya.

Neither could continue further and Kushi finally gave in to tears and as for Arnav, he couldn't control the anger that he felt at being betrayed, as he cut the call and threw it on the sofa nearby and left the place.

NK came out of the room and raised his eyebrows at Akash.

Akash gave a second thumbs up

"He is totally on edge"

"Did they speak to eachother?"

"I think so, he was looking very upset and angry at the same time"

"That's fine' that's what we had to do.. kindle the jealousy in him to a point that he might not double think before he declares a war with me to win Kushi"

"And?" Akash asked NK

"I would gladly get defeated-In reality, I am in love with La and not kushi- I am 100% fine with losing her to him" NK declared as he relaxed against the soft cushions of the sofa'


"aren't we?"


"What happened?"

"She left' I ..I don't know' she just left the mobile there and left to her room"

"heart break?"

Payal nodded "and tears"

"I feel so sorry to do this to her"

"I feel bad too' But this is for her greater good isn't it?"

"Lets call NK and ask him what happened there"

"Yeah, and ask him the next course of action"


"What is next?"

"hmm how about a function at RM?"

"function? What function?"

"you mean we need to dig up a reason to have a function here?"

"yes, a function where Kushi sees La present at RM and a pooja where for some odd reasons NK has to arrive with Kushi" NK told them

"Awesome" Payal exclaimed

"Wicked" Akaash exclaimed

"Oh my god' Not again" Lavanya told NK

"Why? You don't have to fear anything, atleast you are not playing a dangerous role, I am'. I mean, I might get ripped apart with the fury that I am building in him' But still" NK told La who smiled at him

"we are going to unleash the green monster again?" Akaash declared

"Yes not only unleash it this time, we are gonna let it roam around free so that it will plunge its sharp teeth a notch deeper into their chests, and if we are lucky, this time, the green monster is going to rip off the chains that guard their hearts '" NK spoke out dramatically

"so that when they face eachother finally, their hearts will be bare and naked and at the vulnerable best?" Payal asked

"Exactly" NK told her rubbing his hands gleefully

To be continued'

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by rrekha on 2013-05-27, 14:55

Hi Abavi,

I love UR NK who is far more intelligent than the one in the show.

I know im bit greedy but I expect ur updates on daily basis. :*tngo*:


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Chapter 4: Down the memory lane

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-31, 13:35

From the author's desk: A long winding update... Put on your seat belts and here we go down the memory lane... Thanks for the comments and Happy reading
Chapter 4: Down the memory lane

Unmindful of the door that banged behind him, Arnav strode off to the pool area which always provided him solace and escapade from the maddening crowd during testing times' But this time the pool side even failed to get him the familiar empty calmness of his own shell' Angry with what he had witnessed in the hallway only minutes before, He resorted to throwing away whatever he came across with to feed his fury that resulted out of helplessness that he felt with thoughts about Kushi'
When he ventured to push down the pillows stacked on the recliner outside by the pool, one of his dhaga in his right arm got caught in the recliner and with the force that he was using to push down the pillows, the dhaga got cut and was thrown a little further away.
Arnav's eyes fell on the dhaga and stood stunned for a moment before he went ahead and picked it in his hands' In his life time, or atleast after Mom died, he had only let two people tie dhagas in his hand' One was his sister and the other was''..Kushi.. and this one which had now come out of his hand was the last one that she had made him wear almost four years back' during happier times' as he clenched his fist closing the dhaga, his memory went spinning to that day'

"No way' I am not accepting a Rakhi from you'"
"Idiot! Get back here this minute' Arnav I can't chase you like this running behind you through the entire college"
"Has Raksha bhandan come early this year?"
"This is not Rakhi you moron!- this is raksha dhaga"
"Oh the one you think which has got magical properties? You got cheated Kushi, the last one you made me wear didn't have any genie come out of it"
"Don't ridicule my beliefs Arnav"
"You know I don't believe in these stuff"
"Arnav please don't run' we are making a scene"
"Ok then accept that you love me"
"you love me so much that whenever you visit a temple you bring back one of those threads to stash it on my wrist " Arnav told as he made another successful escape "what kind of love is this?"
"What crap? Why are you giving ideas to the entire college when there is nothing like that' stop fooling around Arnav"
"Hmm' Ok'. You so don't love me?"
"I do love you like a friend' Like how I love any of my friends "
This finally made Arnav come to an abrupt stop.
"Finally" Kushi muttered as she grabbed his arm
"Or really?" Arnav asked in a tone which was half hurt and half angry "So you love me like you love NK? Have you got one for him too?"
"Oooh' don't grow so green' it's not good for your health! " she chuckled as she placed the dhaga on his wrist as he pulled his hand away again, but the playfulness that he displayed minutes before had gone!
"Answer me first" he asked her in a serious tone
Kushi looked frustrated and then threw her hands up on the air
"No baba' I got it only for you' Happy?" she asked as she reached for his arm again
"Very happy" Arnav said as he let her tie the dhaga on his wrist "so you love me a little more than you love your other friends"
"yes ofcourse'" she told him "and the way we ran today through the entire college, we are gonna give them another chance to think that we are together'."
"As if I am bothered' I know that's true"
"what the hell" Kushi exclaimed as he ducked her attempt to catch hold of his hair and the chase began again'.


Kushi rushed and locked herself in her room. The tears had already started flowing down her cheeks and the confines of her room gave her the liberty to cry out her heart as she felt like doing right now'

After all those days of friendship, after all those days of togetherness that she shared with Arnav'. When they both stopped talking to each other finally on that fateful day'.She did cry.. but that did not quite feel heart wrenching like today'. She had always been wondering about the relationship that they shared' Was it friendship? Was it companionship? Was is love? Neither of them bothered to give a name to their relationship which was a little more that friendship but the one that they both never bothered to take to the level of romance.

And the day they stopped talking, didn't hurt this much, Why does it hurt this much to think that Arnav has moved on? Moved on? What does that mean? They weren't in a romantic relationship any time' Arnav would just fool around implying such relationship or pulling her legs' but they were not anything more than friends' best friends' and sometimes he did leave her confused with his actions making her think if he really meant those, but the next minute he would laugh like a moron and tease her'. He had always been like that with her' or was it that they took the beautiful relationship that they shared with eachother for granted? Was she in love with him? Was it the fact that amidst all the goofiness that he displayed around her, she wished he had actually felt a romantic inclination towards her? And now that her delusion is broken she is now left high and dry'.

The realization struck her hard, Kushi felt numb as she finally realized that right in the midst of all that friendship that they shared she had been in love with him and what she felt for him had never gone dry during the past years when they fought and stopped talking with each other. It had not changed when he lost his goofiness to the serious demeanor that he sports these days' amid all that, she had still loved him and that's why when she realized that he was in love with someone else now- hurts her so much'
"He had never been in love with you Kushi" She told herself "he never was and he would never be' you were a fool to think that behind those I love you jokes, there could have been some seriousness"

As she felt drained out and exhausted after a heart wrenching let out, she walked towards her book shelf and extracted an old note book, the one that she had used during the college days' The one that was a witness to a fight which stretched three years long- or may be can stretch years beyond as well'
She opened the first page and let her hand feel through the names written there.

There was Kushi Kumari Gupta written in her neat handwriting below which he had scribbled Arnav Singh Raizada. She smiled a little even through her tears and pain as the memory came back to her'That fateful day which started off as a very normal day for the duo but soon spun out of control.

"Hi" he whispered to her as he sat next to her
"Where were you? Why are you late again" Kushi hissed at him
"had some odd job'" Arnav told her "It doesn't make a difference anyway, Marsha Mam always lets me in.. She has a soft corner for me- unlike you"
"Oh yeah' I don't fall for those charms"
"Oooh' it hurts Kushi- don't look at me like that"
"Hey" Kushi looked at him weirdly as he put out his hand and pulled at the notes that she was writing on
"What are you writing on my notes?"
"my name"
"that's my notes and why do you write your name on it?"
"Because that will be your full name one day' when we marry" he winked at her
"What is it Kushi Gupta?" Marsha Mam called out from the dias
"Nothing mam' its just .. just that' "
"She didn't get your last sentence properly Mam"
"Oh" Marsha mam told and she repeated her last sentence
"Thanks mam" Kushi muttered as she sat down slowly, glaring at Arnav who was smirking at her
"Pay attention to the class Kushi"
They were quite for 5 minutes before she turned to look at him
"What did you say you wrote your name for?"
"Hey don't look at me like that' If looks could kill I would be a dead meat now"
"Ok' I just wrote it in hopes that you will share your notes with me"
"Why should I?"
"Because I lost mine"
"Where did you leave it?"
"I don't remember"
"How careless can you get Arnav?"
"Kushi Gupta?" Marsha Mam's voice floated from the front "Why do you keep murmuring and disturbing the class?"
"Mam.. No.. I ..I"
"Are you a 5 year old? Do you expect me to keep reminding you to put your finger on your lips everytime?"
"Sorry Mam"
As she sat down, she saw Arnav smirking again
"you have a poor ability to keep your voice low Kushi' do you want help in putting a finger on your lips' Should I help you with that?"
She turned and glared at him and then turned back to the class. She didn't turn towards Arnav for the entire session after that though he tried talking to her all the while... When the class got over, she was so angry that she picked up her books and intended to leave the class.
"Hey where are you going?" Arnav asked her
Kushi knew that Arnav will follow her now, and she was irked to a large extent that she decided to get even with him on this.
"Sheetal" She called to her class mate who was standing outside the class
Sheetal turned to look at Kushi as Kushi gave Arnav a wicked smirk
"No Kushi"Arnav hissed at her
"Hey Arnav was looking for you.."She told Sheetal as she saw Arnav ducking below the table
"Arnav?" Sheetal asked coming inside "Where is he now?"
"hmm.. there under the table" Kushi said as she picked up her books and left' This will keep him from irking her for some time atleast.
Later that afternoon, when she made her way to the table where Arnav was sitting with NK, her anger had subsided
"Hi Guys" she said as she dropped herself on the empty chair beside him
"Hello, look who is here- Ms. Angry bird" Arnav told them and then turned back to her "Can you believe it man? She set Sheetal on me"
"You talk as if she set dogs on you" NK told him
"No difference anyway' I meant the :O"
"That is rude Arnav.. the girl is head over heels crazy about you" Kushi told him as she smirked at NK
"Are you serious?" he asked her sarcastically "Where were you all this time? I had a hard time searching for you everywhere'"
"I was in the hhmmm.. No I wont tell you.. next time you piss me off like that' I would disappear into my secret place and you won't be able to find me"
"I found your note book by the way" she told as she took it out of her bag and gave it to him "you had left it in the window sill of our class"
"Oh thanks" Arnav told her "next time I should leave it in a place where you cant find it so easily" he muttered
"What?" she asked as she didn't catch his last sentence
"Why are you so absent minded Arnav? The other day you left your assignment somewhere and I had to serach your entire room to find it for you' why do you not care about your own things? It is as if I should always be behind you to take care of your things'"
"Get used to it wifey' When we finally marry, you should any way do it' Be happy I am training you right at this stage"
"Don't call me wifey" Kushi told as she smacked him with his notes
"The entire college calls you my wifey" Arnav told her "Why shouldn't I?"
"They don't call me that" Kushi told incredulously " they only say that we are seeing eachother"
"hmm, Isnt it boring' calling us that way for the past two years? Lets give them something new to talk about" he said as he pushed his coke to her
"YOU ARE INCORRIGIBLE" she said as she took his coke and sipped it a little.
"Guys Guys'" NK told them "Give me a break' It is tiring me' hearing you both banter all day"
"Ask him to stop all this NK' He is kind of pissing me off everytime'"
"Hey guys" La greeted them as she joined them at the table "whats up"
"Bickering between these two as usual and I am asking them to spare me" NK told her
"Whats it this time?"
"Oh nothing' Kushi wants Arnav to stop being a kid and grow up and Arnav wants kushi to stop being a mother hen" NK updated La
"being a kid? Its more like stop being a moronic, gooffer"
"You go all momma on him.. poor fellow you don't know how much you are pissing him off" La told her
"you too La'Seriously" Kushi started to say
"La, thanks so much'.Now there is someone who perfectly understands my situation" Arnav snickered at kushi
"Yeah' Support him now' that's what he needs'now you point me for his behavior' he is just a spoilt brat'... his entire family papmpers him just because he is a motherless child and If only his mom had been there to discip...'."
"ENOUGH KUSHI" Arnav raised his voice, cutting her inbetween
Kushi sat there stunned as Arnav pushed away his chair and got up and left the place.

After some 5 minutes, Kushi got up to leave.
"where are you going?" NK asked
"Oh to pacify and bring back Mr.Moody to life" she said as she walked in the direction where Arnav had left.


Even after repeated sorries and kajoling on Kushi's side, Arnav had not sobered up and so Kushi and Arnav had not been speaking the entire afternoon and NK and La grew tired acting as mouthpieces for them

"Guys, give us a break, we are not going to act as your mouthpieces anymore" La declared as NK nodded at them
Both sat quietly as the other two rolled their eyes.
"I am going to get a coke for myself- anyone of you want anything else?" Nk asked them all
"Hey you just got a coffee for yourself and its not finished" La pointed out
"I don't want it' its too strong for my liking" NK told as he got up to leave it near the sink
"Give it to me' don't waste it" Kushi told NK who pushed her his glass and got up to buy a coke
But before kushi could touch the glass, Arnav put his hand to take away the glass
"He has already tasted this"
"So what? We are friends"
"Its not hygienic to share glasses" he told her
"What?" kushi asked him in a surprised tone "Where did this hygiene go when you share your drink with me?"
"that's different"
"Whats different?" Kushi asked him trying to reach the glass beyond his hands as he stared at her, and then in a swipe took the glass and gulped down the hot coffee in a swig surprising her.
"You dont like coffee here" Kushi told him
La who was a quite witness to this exchange could only shake her head at her friends.
"you guys are seriously messed up" La told Arnav and Kushi as they both blinked at her "Guys, you know, if at all you both think that you need each other to spend your life time with- this is the right time to talk about it' but not doing so you are simply wasting your time"
"La'" Arnav grinned at her "Whats got into you.. you are supposed to be our friend' yo must know how we feel about eachother...just because I didn't let her drink NK's coffee' you decided that'OH MY GOD' I felt like having coffee and I just played it up- that's all"
Kushi kept staring at Arnav and La again shook her head.
"Whats up guys?" NK said as he returned back to the table
"Nothing big...'Atleast they are talking to eachother now" La updated him as he looked at them and commented "cool- thank god we are relieved now"
"Kushi" La called out to her in a quick tone "Don't turn quickly'Aman is there' to your right"
Kushi nodded at her and then acted normally. But this call had alerted Arnav again
"What about him?" he asked them scrunching his eyebrows at them and then taking a look at the boy beside his table and sizing him up. He caught the boy looking at Kushi, giving her a shy smile and then turn away.
"He has a crush on Kushi" La told Arnav
"Shut up La" Kushi told her
Arnav looked angrily at Kushi and then at La
"tell me" he almost barked at them
"nothing Arnav leave it" Kushi told them as she picked up her books, I need to go to the library before I head home
"Sit down" Arnav growled at her
He pulled her down
"Tell me what you both were talking about a little earlier"
"That's something between us girls' why do you want to know about it?"
"When did this happen between us Kushi? When did you start hiding things from me?"
"Arnav calm down' " La tried to pacify them
"Oh my god not again" NK muttered again
"Its nothing actually.." Kushi told Arnav but La cut in
"oh really' if so show us the diary that he gave you"
"Its nothing La- leave it" Kushi started to say before Arnav pulled her bag out of her hand and rummaged into it and pulled out a journal which he opened to reveal a lot of poems written on it.
"Arnav that was not decent"
"So is this decent enough then?" Arnav asked shoving the dairy on her face
"Arnav he only asked me check it out and comment on it" Kushi told him urgently as he got up walked towards that table and rammed it on that boy's table
"IS this yours?" He asked as Kushi went behind him and pleaded him to control himself
The timid first year boy stood up almost shivering from the glare of a senior that too a person who was so popular at college.
"Don't you know how to behave with your seniors? Don't you know that Kushi is a senior? How dare you write such poems on her? " Arnav went on as Kushi tried hard to stop him and the crowd gathered around them.
"There was no wrong intentions' Kushiji was just an inspiration" the boy strutted to Arnav.
"Next time I see you around her'." He threatened him
"STOP IT ARNAV" Kushi shouted at Arnav, surprising him and everyone else around' "he just asked me to review it so that he can publish it' what is your problem now?"
Arnav raised his eyebrows at her
"I am disgusted at this behavior Arnav" she said as she turned around and picked up her bag'"this is why I asked you not to tell this to Arnav" she told La and then left the place.
Arnav stood there shocked and stunned.
NK approached him as the crowd around them dissolved.
"Arnav" he said tentatively
"leave me alone NK"
"That's OK man..I'"
"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE" Arnav shouted at NK.


Their quarrel extended for a week for the first time in their life.
Kushi knew that Arnav was possessive about her and that was the reason that he behaved like that in front of that boy. As far as possible Kushi had always put up with Arnav's possessive nature but this was too much.. off late he was acting like a Neanderthal around her, and every time he would say it was just for the sake of friendship and nothing more than that'

She decided not to go and calm him down like she usually did after she gave him an earful usually. Subsequently when she met Aman in the library, she apologized to him on her friend's behalf and volunteered to get his poems reviewed by that evening.

As she sat reviewing it and adding comments for those shayaris she saw someone peeping in from her behind and to her surprise noticed it was Arnav.
His glare told her that he was not very happy with what she was doing. But she wasn't going to stop it because he doesn't like it- not this time. For he was wrong this time and she was not going to let it go just like that.

But she never thought that this act of hers would induce an adverse effect on him, for her stunned surprise, she noticed that he started flirting with every other girl in front of her. She didn't mind this for she knew that he was just trying to rile her up. But she couldn't ignore for long and the final nail in the coffin had come when the DG night for the final years was announced and Arnav went and asked Sheetal in front of the entire college to be his dance partner.

Though Kushi had been very angry at first, she had decided to confront him and had actually confronted him when she went to his house with NK

"Tell him this is the most foolish thing that anyone could do NK"
"Ask her what is her problem NK"
"I don't have any problem with it' In fact I don't bother' whom he dances with'But Sheetal? He loathes her and still wants to dance with her just to irritate me"
"Irritate you?" Arnav asked directly "Don't think too much of yourself' You don't exist for me.. not from the day when you told I am disgusting in front of the whole college"
"Arnav" Kushi called out in shock "I never said you are disgusting'I only meant that that action of yours is'if you remember it right'I"
"I don't remember and I don't want to either' Its done Kushi' I have had enough"
"Fine then'I have had enough too'"
"NK, if she is so bothered about not having a partner, tell her that '"
"You don't have to worry about that' If you can ask Sheetal, I have people who have asked me too"
"that's a lie"
"come and see during the DG night if I am lying or not"

That was the last time they spoke to each other for three years'

To be continued'

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Chapter 5

Post by Abavi on 2013-06-07, 14:31

Chapter 5: Twist in the tale

"So that was the last time they spoke to each other in the last three years?" Payal asked NK with a incredulous expression'
"That was the last time they spoke to eachother like friends'- I mean- they were fighting like friends rather'" NK corrected her
"But' this is no big reason to fight'" Akaash observed "I mean, they both were egoistic' and Arnav was obviously possessive about her' but not in talking terms for this fight? "
NK looked at the younger pair. They somehow had cajoled him into giving them a sneak peak of what happened between the two'
"That was the starting point of things going wrong between them' then it started to get nasty' "NK drawled' "It all ended with a big MU on DJ night"
"What happened?" Payal asked
"Arnav danced with Sheetal?" Akaash guessed "whom did Khushi dance with?"
"They fought there too?" Payal asked again
"Hey guys, you asked me to give reason for why I thought project: Green monster would work. I think I have relaxed my principles about not indulging about what happened between my friends and given you both enough background' Now don't ask me what went from bad to worse ' Off you both go.. Akaash it is in your hands to invent some reason to have a party here'"
"Alright' What about celebrating birthday?" Akaash asked them
"Whose? Payal asked
"NK's birthday is coming up"
"Have you lost your mind why would I celebrate my birthday here?"
"Ok' May be we can ask Di.. She always has a reason to start some pooja'"
"Hey that's it.. We can celebrate Di's leaving to US"
"Hey but that's gonna be after a month'When Jiju goes back, he would be taking her'"
"Shyam Jiju will be here tomorrow' may be a welcome home party? and a belated Anniversary celebration for them? I know she had her 5th wedding anniversary only a week back" Payal suggested
"Sounds good to me" Akaash grinned at her
"Girls are always good at this stuff'" NK told her patting her back'
Thus it was decided that Akaash was to approach the family and arrange to have a party in a couple of days, celebrating Anjali and Shyam's 5 years of wedding and partly welcoming their Damad who was returning back from US after almost a year.
While NK volunteered to update and prepare Lavanya for her part, Payal had to somehow convince Khushi to join the celebrations.
"Shyamji'Why don't you talk to him"
"No Anjali ji ' that would not be appropriate"
"Anjali Jee? You call me Jee?"
"You call me Shyam JEEE too" Shyam told her as he looked at her teasingly
"Its become a habit"
"Then lets change it'- I have been telling you for 5 years to drop the ji and now I have decided to call you ji too if you are not going to change'"
"Alright Shyam.."
"That's better"
"Listen, Why do you think it is not appropriate.. he will listen to you"
"Listen to me? He didn't listen to his dear sister, he wouldn't listen to anyone'"
"He respects you' you can tell him married life is not that bad"
"I cant lie to him"
She smacked him playfully..
"Please Shyam"
"Anjali, this is something that he has to decide for himself' How can we force him for marriage? If he is not ready and then we force him- maybe he will not be able to give himself to the girl fully- it will be ad disaster' He is the best to know when he is ready"
"But things will change' once he gets married"
"That's old style Anjali' Let him decide what is good for himself- we don't know yet if there is someone else in his mind' lets wait and see"
"What wait? You are asking me to come to US and he will be so lonely' Nani is also getting old' Mama, mami and Akaash are all there' but still'"
"Ok Alright' I will talk to him, but only to know his opinion on it' if he wants to be free of marital responsibilities for a few more days I am not going to push him'ok?
"OK" Anjali told a little upset
"Ok ok' if you think Khushi is the best for him and he is being unreasonable, may be you can speak to Khushi and ask her about her opinion' maybe they can speak with eachother and sort this out"
"Wow.. Why didn't I think about this? Thanks so much' I will speak to Khushi" Anjali said as she kissed his cheek lovingly and left the place
"NK, I tried' she is not budging' she is so stubborn"
"She is your sister Payal' don't you know how to coax her?"
"She has never been so stubborn for other things.. this time she is very very stubborn- she says she wont join' Amma and Pappa are asking me to leave her and come' and I am pissed off.."
"Ok I will come' when you are starting? "
"In another half an hour'"
"I will be there"
"Hey Khushi, Di is leaving and won't be here for another 5 years" NK told her
"She will make a trip every year once atleast' This is not going to work with me NK- don't try that" Khushi replied him
"So you are not going to come and meet her before she leaves? NK asked her again
"She is leaving in another month's time- I can catch up with her anytime" Khushi told again
"I cant believe you can be so stubborn Khushi' She personally called you and asked you to join and you are not coming just for the damn plain ego that you sport" Payal told her
"Am I the only one with Ego here? Why is it that everyone blame me alone? Khushi glared at her sister
Payal threw her hands in an exasperated way
"God save you Khushi"
"Payal, please go get ready' I will talk to khushi" NK told as Payal looked at NK for a moment before she left the place
"Khushi, can you tell me why you want to avoid this ?"
"You know why NK ' don't ask me as if you don't know"
"I know.. I thought you didn't mind him anymore"
"Where does this come from? I ofcourse don't mind him"
"really? Then prove it.."
Khushi kept quiet
"He did prove it by moving on' you are still struck with that bloody fight three years back"
"That's not true" Khushi said even as fresh tears started to gather up her eyes.
"If it is not true, come for the party then' "
She blinked back her tears with rapidity and then glanced at her friend's face for a long time
"I will come" she whispered to him slowly
"That's a good girl.. come on get ready' " NK said as Payal came in from behind and jumped with cheer
"yay,.. "
Khushi looked surprised for a moment and then laughed at her sister's excitement
"Were you here all the time?" NK asked
"I was hanging on to the door" Payal explained as she pulled open the wardrobe and pulled out a dress for her sister.
"Ok, I will wait outside" NK said
"Wait? For what?" Payal asked
Khushi too looked confused.
"Are you coming with us too? I thought you came in your bike"
"No' I thought of asking you to join me Khushi, I wanted to buy some gift and I suck at choosing one' Can you come with me and help me choose one? I will take you to the party directly from there"
Payal caught on to NK's plan immediately as she winked at him
"Oh ok then, Khushi, you get dressed and then come with NK. Papa and amma are waiting for really long, we three will proceed" Payal said and slipped out of the room along with NK even before Khushi could say yes to NK
The duo gave a quiet hifi outside the room before Payal proceeded to join her parents, explain them that Khushi is actually coming with NK and then got into their car and sped off.
Khushi sighed before she picked up the dress that Payal had laid for her
Akaash pushed La a little towards the space where Arnav was standing in his formal three piece suit
"OH MY GOD" La muttered "I am so nervous'"
"Just try to sound cool' " Akaash told her
"For heavens sake he is a friend' How can I go and behave flirtious with him"
"You don't have to get flirty - just get little friendly with him' "
"Be your normal self La' that enough.. When Khushi comes in she has to see you hanging around with Arnav ' that all" Payal explained her
"Where is NK?" La asked them
"He is on the way ' he will be entering with Khushi as planned"
"ok.." she said as she made her way to Arnav who was talking to some other guest
"Hi Arnav"
"Hey La' Long time' good to see you"
"Yeah I know' Have been busy for some time' How are you"
"Going good' How is work.. keeping you on your toes is it?
"Hmm yeah.. new project' I have been quiet busy' Partying has become a rare affair these days"
"Then you should consider switching to AR groups" Arnav told her jovially
"and forget parties all together is it? I have heard how much strict you are with work'" La mused
"you believe those gossips? You know me" Arnav winked at her
"Yeah I am told that Arnav from college is so different from ASR in industry" she laughed
"I am still the same with my friends'" He retorted indignantly
"Ok Ok.. now lets forget work' get into friends mode for once'Where are the others?"
"Who NK?"
"NK and Khushi.. I was told they would be here"
"Khushi? Are you kidding?" Arnav shook his head while his heart leapt at the possiblity that she might have decided to come
"No I am serious' NK told me that he and Khushi would be here' I couldn't even believe it when he told me about their seeing eachother'I cant wait to see them'"
Arnav's face changed grim immediately.
"What?" Payal exclaimed nearby "what did you say just now? My sis and NK are together? How come I didn't know this?"
"hush .. Hush'" Lavanya silenced Payal controlling her grin "Please please.. this was supposed to be a secret for sometime' Don't ask them' they will kill me"
"No way.. I am going to rag them to bits' Now I know' Khushi didn't agree when we asked her to come with us' and then when NK asked her she agreed' I should have guessed that something was cooking' Wait till I catch them'"
All the while when the two girls acted out their well-rehearsed part, they found Arnav getting closer to disastrous ' they watched him as he stiffened his jaw, gritted his teeth, clenched his fist and his eyes emoted a painful glare faraway.
"Here they are" La said as NK's bike finally made its way through the pathway with Khushi behind him.
All the three watched them as Payal cooed wantedly and La beamed at them. Arnav obviously was feeling dejected and angry.
"Look at them.. Single gift pack for both of them'this is too much" La commented as Payal giggled'
Payal ran to the entrance to welcome the couple winking at La. La bit her lips and took a chance to look at Arnav. His eyes was blazingly following at the couple approaching the entrance now and wished herself all the best for what she was supposed to do now ' that is staying close to an angry Arnav was possibly the most craziest thing in the world.
Anjali hugged Khushi as she entered
"So long Khushi"
"How are you di?"
"Are you not going to welcome me Di? I brought her here"
"Hugs to you too NK bhai' come in come in" she said as Payal brought welcome juice for both of them'
"Hey Payal I am getting a cold.. I don't want juice" NK told her deliberately
"Oh ok have something hot then" Anjali interwined
"I will get it for him Di" Payal said as she winked at NK and ran off to get it
"Khushi I need to talk to you" Anjali started as she decided to not waste anytime now that Khushi was here..
Khushi who had just noticed Arnav and La standing together little away from her and Arnav glaring at her and La in her usual graceful appearance, Khushi was hit with another wave of pain and misery- She was seeing him after so long and that too she was seeing him with La...seeing them together for the first time after hearing the news about them.
Payal appeared there again from no where holding a cup of tea for NK and as NK raised his eyebrows at her, she raised her eyebrow too letting him know everything was fine'
"Haan tell me Di" Khushi said to Anjali turning away from that direction even as NK in the pretext of getting the cup from Payal, dashed against Khushi's elbow, spilling tea on himself.
"Ouch' Its hot hot tea"He let out a cry, startling the ladies, khushi panicked thinking that the accident was because of her. As she reached for the tissue papers nearby, Anjali walked off to bring a first aid box. Khushi asked Payal who was standing nearby to rush and get some ice cubes'
"Ok Ok' don't scream at me- I will go get it" Payal commented little too loudly and walked away
Khushi who hadn't actually screamed what so ever looked at Payal confusedly but shrugged it off, helping NK wipe himself.
"Is it burning?" she asked him
"Are you kidding.. its sweltering.. It was piping hot tea' " NK mumbled "look at this red patch"
Khushi nodded wondering what red patch he was referring to.. for his skin was perfectly alright'Soon Payal was back with Ice cubes which she trusted into Khushi's hands and Anjali came in holding a first aid box too' Khushi started to tend to NK without knowing what kind of rage it was arousing in someone who had been glaring at the entire team and particularly her for so long'.
Arnav stood scathing at the scene before him as Khushi put ice cubes on NK's arm and then as his Di handed over the Ointment tube to her.
Then he watched her stealing a glance at him and then turn away, the party finally dispersing as NK stood up and waved at him in a friendly way which he did not feel like reciprocating. La smiled at him and Khushi as NK and Khushi started to walk towards them, Though the former was all exuberant, the latter was little reluctant.
"Hello guys!" NK called out as he dragged Khushi too along with him.
"Hi NK' after long we four of us together" La commented
"yeah I know" he said as he turned to Khushi who was feeling uneasy as she felt Arnav's angry gaze on her. As for Arnav, NK thought to himself that Arnav didn't even register his greeting, he was occupied with the green monster.
A little bit of flesh wouldn't hurt' Nk thought'
"Hey Khushi, come on' cool down yaar.. I am fine actually'" NK quipped "I am telling you na.. it was not that hot"
"What" she asked him puzzled with his statement
"Ok.. Ok.. relax' I am fine ok? Forget it' " he said as he took the ointment tube that she was clutching in her hand and placed it in a table nearby
"Hey you can't brush away her concern like this" La told him as NK turned back to smile at Khushi who was still looking at Arnav and feeling uneasy with the whole situation that she didn't catch the underlying fishiness in it.
NK in the meanwhile side hugged her muttering his thanks to which Khushi smiled customerily...

"Oh look she is blushing" La whispered to Arnav. That was the final straw for Arnav. Akaash came near them and told Arnav that it was time to ask Di and Jiju take the stage and initiate the dance.
"I will initiate it" he said to everyone's surprise and took La's hand by force, ripping his eyes away from glaring at Khushi, he looked at La who was totally taken by surprise at his grip
"Come and dance with me" he almost barked at her
"wha.."La started to ask
"I said DANCE WITH ME" he said as he dragged her to the floor.
NK and Akaash who hadn't expected this development smirked at eachother' all was well until their plan succeeded.
Khushi's eyes followed the pair out in the dance floor, who were dancing like crazy with everyone around cheering them.
La paused a little to slip off her silhouettes in order to match with Arnav's speed of steps. Khushi turned her eyes away unable to bear the torture their togetherness was inducing to her heart, she wanted to wish the best for her friends, but she was not able to get over the jealousy feeling which was making her feel miserable, and everytime she chanced a look at him, Arnav was looking at her with hatred- or so it seemed.
NK and Akaash exchanged glances again.
"What next" Akaash whispered to NK
"We need to get them both locked into a room and throw away the key" NK said "let this dance get over"
But then, Anjali who had been watching Arnav and La dancing like crazy, made her way to NK and khushi.
"What is happening guys' Chotey and La?" Anjali asked them
While NK and Akaash who hadn't expected this question in front of Khushi, stammered not knowing what to say, Khushi got herself to smile to at Anjali
"Yes Di, they are together now"
NK and Akaash looked as if all hell broke loose.
"Seriously?" Anjali asked and then stared at the couple dancing "I never expected this turn of events' Such a surprise' why didn't you all tell me? Is that why he said no to your proposal?" She looked bamboozled and then slowly started accept what Khushi told her
Khushi then went on to pacify di telling her that Arnav had proposed La only a week back.. and may be this was his way of letting the family know about it...
"I need to talk to him now" Anjali said as she started to walk towards the dance floor.
An aghast NK and astounded Akaash started to follow Di meaning to stop her and tell her everyting...but then Khushi felt tired and exhausted of the entire ordeal and held NK by his hand as she started to feel giddy
"NK wait" she said as she clutched him "I am not feeling well, I need to go home will you drop me back? "
Nk caught Akaash too fearing the worst. But when Khushi told she wanted to go home, he readily agreed to it
Akaash stared at him
"NK this is not fair- you are escaping'" he hushed to NK
"No, I can't let her go home alone- Stop Di if you can..." NK said as he escaped in the pretext of accompanying Khushi for he knew that there was going to be a big dhamaka when Di was going to confront Arnav and La, and if the news ever comes out that they had planned all of it' Arnav will smash him into a pulp' He could as well save himself when he had time..

To be continued

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by tweety on 2013-06-07, 15:06

LOL!! wonderful update!! waiting for the confrontation. NK will defi be beaten into pulp both by Arnav n khushi i guess!! when are u going to post the next update Vi!! i am getting desparate. :)

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Chapter 6

Post by Abavi on 2013-06-17, 09:52

From the author's desk: Hello people, Apologies for the delay, I was almost finished typing this update by friday and I was so held up during the weekend, that couldnt get enough time to complete it...
Thanks for all your lovely comments... and People, please expect a delay in PM.. I shall send you all a PM for this and JT after I update DG...
Happy reading... I enjoyed writing this... and I hope you will love it too... It was like when I wrote this update, I could well imagine Barun, Daljeet, Akshay, Deepali, Karan and Sana taking the cake... Though I knew Sanaya's fort is comedy... I couldnt fit her role in this peice!
I promise the next update would be arhilicious... It ought to be!!________________________________________________________
Chapter 6: Comedy of Errors
"Looking good together?" Anjali asked as she reached the edge of the dance floor where the two were dancing and a very happy Payal was cheering them, unaware of what happened minutes before
"Yeah.. they are!!"Payal told unwittingly only to bite back her tongue when she realized who stood next to her
"Di.. You?... I mean.. No they are '"
"I didn't know chotey had a liking for La.. I thought they were only friends'" She said as she stood watching her brother and the lady with who he was dancing'
Akaash reached there just in time when Payal looked baffled and wide eyed in the turn of events'
"Di.. we need to talk" Akaash said her as he reached there
"I know Akaash.. we need to talk to Arnav'"
"No dee" Akaash was beginning to say when a loud scream was heard followed by a thud.
Everyone who had gathered to watch the pair dance stood startled as they saw Lavanya hit the floor. Arnav had brought Lavanya to bend backward towards the floor and when she did, he had failed to support her and she lost her balance.
Lavanya stared at Arnav in shock whereas he was staring somewhere else, completely not conscious that he had let her down. Arnav was completely lost for he had just seen Khushi and NK leaving his house- together. Angst and fury raised in him, making him forget the surrounding, the dance or the fact that La as well as the rest of them are actually staring at him, he crossed La who was still down on the floor and went past the crowd of people and climbed up the stairs to his room.. La was bamboozled as she saw Arnav who hadn't even muttered a sorry to her- let alone trying to help her up.
Recovering from the shock, Anjali approached the girl on the floor.
"What happened La.. are you alright? Why did he drop you like that?"
"I don't have any idea di" La said as she struggled to stand up...
She had not expected the fall and she had landed on the floor rather in a crash, Her ankle had twisted and it hurt...
"Come up, I will give you something to apply on" Anjali said, planning to use this opportunity to talk to her Brother's girlfriend alone.
Meanwhile Akaash updated Payal of everything that transpired between Khushi and Anjali.
"Oh my god.. Di is taking La alone.. We need to go and support her or she will get into trouble'"Payal exclaimed and ran up the stairs, with Akaash on her heels.
When they both reached the upstairs landing they realized that they were already too late'
"Di? What do you mean?" Arnav asked Anjali in shock even as the other family members looked on. Akaash and Payal had no idea when Shyam, Nani, Mama and Mami made their way into the room.
Anjali was standing in front of La who was seated and had sprained her leg a little due to the fall and was applying some ointment.. And Arnav was standing there too' While La looked petrified at the questions thrown at La and Arnav' Arnav looked positively bemused.
"Don't try to hide anything from us Arnav' We know everything' Why didn't you tell us that you are in love with La?"
"What crap" Arnav sweared angrily'"who told you this? Just because we danced together'"
"Not just because you danced together' Khushi told us everything'" Anjali told Arnav
"Khushi?" Arnav asked in absolute shock "And who may I know told her that?"
"La ofcourse' She told me that La told her that you proposed her'" and then turned to La.. "Why didn't you tell me? You should have told me na? You told Khushi but you didn't tell me?"
"You told?" Arnav was stupefied as he looked at La demanding an answer' "When did I propose you?"
La stood up wincing' thinking hard what to say' as everyone else looked for an answer'
"No.. Arnav'I'I didn't.. I didnnt"
"Ok' Now I get it" Arnav said as he turned to his sister "It was her plan... So she cooked up this story'" Arnav gritted his teeth
Payal and Akaash looked at eachother in bemusement. Whatever they wished for is happening exactly opposite wise' La looked very worried at the turn of events.. But before any of them could open their mouth' they heard another voice.
"What?" Shashi bellowed behind Akaash and Payal. Payal looked in wide eyed surprise and clutched Akaash's hand in fear as Shashi and Garima entered inside
"I don't believe this' Why would Khushi cook stories about you? " Shashi asked as he also entered into the room and Garima came nodding her head in agreement.
"Yeah.. why should Khushi bitiya lie about this"
"To stop the wedding' " Arnav said as he couldn't say aloud what was obvious to his mind.. No he was not going to agree that NK and Khushi were in love.. Not him'
"which wedding?" Shashi asked perplexed
Arnav blinked at him
"yours and hers? But there was no wedding in the first place' I mean you said no and she said no too" Anjali asked in a confused tone'
Arnav kept quiet'
"Lavanya you tell us' What is all this about" Nani asked finally as everything was confusing and she was wise enough to know that the truth hadn't still come out'
"Yes, Ms.Lavanya kashyap' Tell us only truth! .. Are you in love or not?" Mami started her probe
"Yes Mamiji" Lavanya told with a mixture of fear and dread
Everyone looked at her in surprise and Arnav looked at her as if both his eye balls had popped out'
"what the"
"No.. No .. I mean.. Yes I am in love but.. not with Arnav.. I love Nk"she blurted out at last.
Everyone went "what"
"but" Arnav asked getting more confused "Isnt NK .. I mean Khushi'" he threw his hands in an exasperated way' this was getting as complicated as possible'
"No Arnav'Its not Khush who is seeing NK' Its me'" La told at last
"But these past days.. I mean.." Arnav started to say but stopped as he realized the possibility that these people mught have taken him for a ride
"It was a drama,.. to make you and Khushi realize'" Lavanya started to say
"DRAMA?"Arnav asked in shock "Did you people lie to me?" Arnav asked as he gritted his teeth
Lavanya started to shiver as she stood there watching Arnav stepping closer to her with clenched hands
"I.. I' NK.. we thought.. we four'  you and khushi' you both'"  La tried to say but stuttered in nervousness.
Others looked at her to make out something meaningful from what she was trying to say. La finally gave up explaining why she did what she did and looked around for the two who can actually help her but haven't stepped to own it up!
As she looked around, Payal and Akaash withdrew from the room slowly
"Payal, Akaash why are you both running away' Come and help me" La shouted at them as everyone looked at the dumbstuck pair
"What do they have to do with this?" Arnav asked La
"They have everything to do with this.. They were the ones who asked me and NK to help them unite you and Khushi" La finally managed to tell a coherent sentence.
"What?" Arnav asked unbelievably and then turned to glare at his brother who walked in timidly "Unite me and Khushi?"
"Yes Bhai.. Actually we thought you both would make a good pair and were obviously holding on to some grudge which should have been long forgotten' So we played a small drama'"
Then they went on to explain everything to the entire crowd who went through a phase which was a mixture of surprise, startlement, laughter and more laughter' The only person who was getting angrier as the story progressed was Arnav. As he realized that these four had made a complete ass of him and Khushi, Anjali was laughing so hard clutching her stomach as they ended the story finally wiped her eyes of the tears
"Oh my god.. Why didn't you people tell me before' I would have played it with you all' We could have had more fun" Anjali exclaimed finally
"What the" Arnav muttered
The family also joined in the fun and everyone broke out laughing. The fact that the family and friends were having fun at Arnav's expenseirked him.
 "Enough is enough" Arnav barked at them.
Silence fell on the room.
"So who is the mastermind behind this entire ridiculous drama?" Arnav asked Akaash gritting his teeth'
"Bhai.. Cool down bhai.. we only----"
"Answer me" He barked again "NK isn't it? Where is that wise-arse?"
La, Akaash and Payal blinked at him as the others looked around as Arnav flipped out his mobile and called NK's number.

The ring went on for a while before NK picked up the call.

"Hello Arnav' I am riding my bike right now' Shall I call you later" NK's cheerful voice broke out as soon as he picked up the call
"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" Arnav screamed at him
"In the road ofcourse... I mean, I was riding my bike and you called and I had to park the bike on the road side..."
"Is Khushi with you?" Arnav's voice betrayed his impatience.

"yeah... She is " NK's cheerful voice turned nervous that instant' "He knows everything, The game is up'I am goner now" thought NK as he laughed jumpily. "Actually Arnav, Khushi was not feeling well so I actually came to drop her home" Nk started to speak
"Take a U turn and come back here right now.. If I don't see you in another 15 minutes, I will strangle you when I lay my eyes on you the next time"
" Yeah.. Yeah' I am coming" NK stammered and then ended the call. Khushi who was sitting in the billion on the bike which NK had halted on the road side to take his call looked at him in a worried way.
"What happened?"
NK laughed a nervous laugh
"Nothing' Hehehe.. nothing at all Khushi' This Arnav noticed that we are missing and is asking us where we are' Come lets go back"
"No NK' You go.. I will take an auto" Khushi said firmly and got down from the bike' NK gulped ' Today is his last day on earth'
As NK stepped into RM, HP who was downstairs cleaning the hall after the party smiled at him.
"NK sab, Arnav babu is waiting for you in the first floor hallway"
"Oh my god.. is it a one on one meeting? I am not entering the den alone'Where is everyone else in family HP? Is only he there?"
"No NK sab, everyone is there only"
NK breathed in respite
"Ok" NK smiled at HP thankfully as climbed the stairs. If others are there, then there is a chance he will live longer.
As soon as NK stepped gingerly into the hall way in the first floor, he gasped as he got pushed roughly up the nearest wall and Arnav's strong arm was pinning his neck to the wall'
"You told me that you won't strangle me if I came now" NK sputtered trying to ease his friend's hand on his neck.
"Where is Khushi?"
"ummh'ehh'ermm' urghh' Lemmeggo" NK struggled to speak something
"Chotey.. leave him.. you will strangle him to death" Anjali warned him
"That's the idea" Arnav growled while NK struggled to free himself
Finally Arnav let him go and NK doubled with a stretch of coughs, clutching his throat
"Where is she?" Arnav asked more slowly this time, but his tone carried the impatience and annoyance that he felt within him
"She is at home.. I suppose' She took an auto home.. she said she had a headache' "
"Dude.. cool down.. You threatened me that you will strangle me.. I had to rush'" NK told helplessly "And also I don't think that she was not well' She was a little upset though' you know why'"
"You tell me this after you plan that stupid drama?"
"We did that you make you both realize how stupid you both have been with respect to your feelings for eachother'" NK told his friend in a more serious tone.
Arnav stood staring at his friend'
"Misunderstandings happen Arnav.. and with a relationship like yours and Khushi's' it is a shame that it had prolonged for this long' and we did it because we knew you both belonged with each other' and Knowing you both for almost 8 years now' I was sure you both wont withstand long when the green monster is roaming around' I was right wasn't I ?"
"You are absolutely right NK" Anjali told him'
Arnav looked at his sister incredulously
"What? Don't look like that' what is life without a little love? You are not going to achieve anything with only being a workaholic' Always work work work.. One day when you turn back.. you will see that you have lost your life somewhere with all the work around you' Don't you feel a little adoori? Like you are missing something in life? "
Arnav was now glaring at his sister'
"You know you miss something.. but you wont admit' But we know what you miss' A wife!!!"
"Absolutely right Anjali bitiya' " Mami started to say' "if you go on saying no to marriage, then one day you will become bald and it will be very difficult to search for a bride for you Arnav bitwa"
"And what about your health? You need someone to look after you too- after all you are too busy to look after yourself' I am getting old and Anjali is going abroad" Nani told him
"That's why we thought we will bring the best of best for you as your wife' but then' you said no'" Anjali finished "that's why we think NK's approach was the best"
"THAT's ENOUGH" Arnav shouted at them even as he glared at all of them, everyone who had been smiling or smirking at the moment altered their faces to reflect grimness.
"Arnav.. please forget what happ'" NK started to say
Arnav turned to look at NK and silenced him.
"Chotey' Please think sensibly'"Anjali started to say
"You want me to get married right?" he asked his sister
She nodded in affirmation
"then, fine'Lets do it' I will get engaged today"
Everyone went "What?"
"Today?" Anjali was shocked "how can you'"
"Why cant I?"
"We need to invite people chotey" Nani debated
"I need only my close friends and family around' I suppose everyone is here"
"People are not the only requirement' what about the arrangements?" Anjali asked him
"I am sure you can find two rings for the engagement di' One of Dad's and one of Mom's would do" Arnav silenced her
"Saale Saab.. you are forgetting the most important requirement" Shyam told him. Arnav raised his eyebrows. Shyam smiled at his angry brother in law "The girl"
"That is MY problem Jeejaji' I will see to that there is a willing girl" Arnav told and turned to leave the room.
"A willing girl?" Shyam repeated again and exchanged looks with his wife. That was an unusual remark.
Conscious but unaffected about everyone's eye on him, Arnav turned to leave the room.
"Where are you going now?" Nani wanted to know, as much as anybody in the room
"To bring a girl'" Arnav said nonchalantly
Nani looked wide eyed at Anjali. This was taking a wrong turn' She was not going to accept any short skirt model girl as her grand-daughter in law.
"Who chotey?" Anjali asked
"Don't bother about that Di" he said in a tone which plainly told her that it was none of her business to decide on the girl' and then he paused, looking around the room. His eyes fluttered from La to Payal. Payal gulped as his eyes rested more than necessary on her and she saw him walking towards her. She tried to move more closely to Akaash who looked scared out of his wits end too' The gaze that his brother was throwing at Payal spelled menace.
The family was up for a surprise when Arnav took Payal's reluctant hand and said "Come with me" in a menacingly low tone.
"Me?" Payal stammered
Anjali was too confused to say anything. The Guptas were surprised "Chotey? Payal? She is too young for you" Nani told him at last.
"She hasn't even completed her Studies' What do you expect? That you can help her in her homework everyday? Hello hai bye bye.." Mami alleged. She was at her humorous best that day
"Yes Chotey' Payal' "Anjali started to say at last
"Why di' you will have problem with my every choice is it?" Arnav smirked at the family finally; at last he is getting a chance to enjoy this.
NK and La looked stumped and chaotic. Akaash looked petrified.
"No Chotey' I mean.. "Anjali started to say not knowing what to say'She had been hoping to rope in Khushi and here her brother goes for her sister.
Arnav turned to the Guptas with his signature smirk' "Do you have a problem uncle?" he asked'
"" Shashi stammered  as Arnav nodded to him.
 Arnav turned to Garima "You Aunty?"
"NO 'no Bitwa'" Garima stuttered nervously' "If Payal is ok' We are fine'"
"I will see to that Payal is OK with this" Arnav said and turned to Payal again and barked "COME"
As he dragged a helpless Payal who threw miserable looks at Akaash and others, Akaash finally conjured up the courage to open his mouth..
"Please Bhai not Payal.."
Arnav paused on his tracks with a look of triumph. He turned to look at his brother with his tongue in his cheek, his hand still clutching Payal's who was by now squirming with fear and his eyebrow raised, questioning Akaash's audacity to stop him.
"Akaash?" Anjali asked her younger brother
"I and Payal'" Akaash stammered
"What about you and Payal? Not even finished studies .. and that soon blossoming in love is it? Hello hi bye bye'Combined study love is it? Puppy love!!!" Mami commented in surprise. She hadn't expected her son to be studying romance instead of text books'
"Arnav you know that they are in a relationship' "Nk started to say but Arnav's looks silenced him again.
Arnav simply turned back and with his signature smirk started to walk down, dragging Payal who grew hysterical by the time they reached the ground floor.
"Please .. please not me' Leave me' Please you are my jethji' not husband ji' I love your brother' please' I will never ever try to fool you again' I mean.. drama' Please let me go' please' "
"You should have thought about this before you planned to take me for a ride all these days'" Arnav told her in a mocking tone'
By this time they had already reached his car. He heaved her against the car door of the passenger side
"Please let me go' I wouldn't even dare to try to fool you again' please jethji'"
"Jethji? If you call me with that ridiculous name again'." Arnav said as he towered opposite her.
"I love your brother'" Payal started to cry by this time "How can I not call you jethji"
"I warn you for that last time' Stop calling me that" Arnav threatened her as she put her hands to eyes bawling out loud' "and stop creating this scene'" he growled as her wail increased in volume
Arnav looked up, the entire family was watching them from the first floor balcony. He turned back with smirk.
"I thought Jeejaji would suffix" He told her softly, wondering if she heard him amidst her howls. But she stopped crying as soon as she heard him.
"What did you say? Seriously? WOW' " She shouted as she plunged towards him and hugged him' "Oh my god' What was that' I seriously.. you scared me'. You know what' This is what people call OH EM EF JEE good!!! I love you... I mean I ... I simply love this... I mean you are a super surprise package'."
Akaash who was watching this from upstairs, with his family and friends surrounding was looking disasterous' Obviously he couldn't hear what Arnav was telling Payal' He was only able to hear Payal's cry and now her exuberant voice declaring her love for his brother'
Next to him, NK tried to console heart-broken Akaash wondering what the hell was wrong with his friend downstairs'
To be continued'

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by tweety on 2013-06-17, 11:03

lovely update Vi!! had a great laugh. It was interesting irrespective of not being arhilicious and i love u for that.Loved how he finally made Akash confess his feelings. 
Next to him, NK tried to console heart-broken Akaash wondering what the hell was wrong with his friend downstairs'
ROFL, i wish i could see their faces, this was a great update Vi!!

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by rrekha on 2013-06-27, 15:49

Hi Vi,

Waiting for Your updates. Please make it fast.


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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by Maria J on 2013-06-28, 00:49

ROFL Good one Vi Thumbsup

Maria J

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by tweety on 2013-06-28, 11:24

waiting waiting!! wen are u updating??

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by tweety on 2013-07-16, 16:15

what abt WH updates Vi!! being partial to DG readers alone:twisted: , not fair!!

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by tachyon on 2013-07-16, 16:39

i really missed reading your stories.... thank god you came back!!!!


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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by chandugali on 2013-07-18, 20:53

I really reallymissed this story oh god van not stop laughing....please continue..


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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by rulama on 2013-07-19, 00:08

Vidya, Waiting!!!


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Chapter 7

Post by Abavi on 2013-07-19, 23:05

From the author's desk: Hello people, thanks a lot for your patient wait until I bounced back, and lot of hugs for all your kind words, support and fight against plagarism...
I was really touched with the mails of comfort that reached my inbox. I am really glad and feel blessed to have started with FFs which eventually gave me such a set of loyal friends..

and a big sorry with puppy dog eyes for making you all wait this long... here is the next update for this story.

Instructions to read this update: you would be required to leave a comment for the first time, then you will be automatically be able to read the update.

I hope you all would be able to read the update if you come back here after commenting once. If you face any difficult please let me know.

Chapter 7: Trials of Love

Last edited by Abavi on 2013-07-29, 09:03; edited 1 time in total

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by pari gupta on 2013-07-19, 23:27

thnx for d update..

pari gupta

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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by Shweta1691 on 2013-07-19, 23:31

Looking forward to reading this


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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by yashal_khan on 2013-07-19, 23:32

Abavi wrote:From the author's desk: Hello people, thanks a lot for your patient wait until I bounced back, and lot of hugs for all your kind words, support and fight against plagarism...
I was really touched with the mails of comfort that reached my inbox. I am really glad and feel blessed to have started with FFs which eventually gave me such a set of loyal friends..

and a big sorry with puppy dog eyes for making you all wait this long... here is the next update for this story.

Instructions to read this update: you would be required to leave a comment for the first time, then you will be automatically be able to read the update.

I hope you all would be able to read the update if you come back here after commenting once. If you face any difficult please let me know.

  Chapter 7:  Trials of love

 thanks for update dear


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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by sanaayaaa on 2013-07-19, 23:34



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Re: ArHi Movie: Wedding Hues -Chp 9 Updated

Post by Sponsored content Today at 02:58

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